Services of Orthotech Laboratory

The latest trend in braces can now be found in Hungary. You don’t have to use the traditional appliances anymore, yet you can have a bright smile with an attractive set of teeth.


MyClearBraceThe MyClearBrace system is prepared with computer modeling using a special 3D printing technology to provide a series of clear plastic caps (that replace traditional metal braces) precisely fitting the teeth. Each piece is made with gradual adjustments compared to the previous one. These modifications will move the teeth in the right direction and to the correct location. Patients will wear the braces 20–22 hours a day, and will only remove them while eating or brushing their teeth. Since the adjustments are very small, normally the treatments will be painless. The MyClearBrace braces will immediately fit the teeth. It is also important that they are aesthetically pleasing since the clear plastic makes them virtually invisible.

ALF (Alternative Lightwire Functionals)

The ALF appliance represents a major innovation in TMD and orthopedic/orthodontic therapy. Thanks to the genius and perseverance of Dr. Darick Nordstrom and laboratory technician Heather Ashton, the ALF appliances are custom designed and capable of correcting not only the various types of malocclusion but also cranial base and cranial distortions present in the chronic pain, TMD type patient.